Quarter Master

Swiftwater rescue tech | High angle rope rescue tech

• Tony Hyde is an Instructional Officer currently working at HMP Huntercombe where he has received numerous awards for the work he carries out. In 2016 Tony was a Finalist for the Prison Officer of the year award and in March 2018 he attended St James Palace (London) where he received a Butler Trust Commendation from the Princes Royal.

• Tony started his career by joining the Royal Marines Commando’s and retired after 26 years’ service reaching the rank of Warrant Officer. During his time served he saw active service globally and was trained in numerous skills which he will pass on to SPEAR SAR including cross country driving, Quad driving and helicopter operations and operating in adverse environment’s.

• Tony is the interface between SPEAR SAR and HMP Huntercombe which provides access to their training facilities for practical and classroom learning.