Fire & Rescue Crew Commander | USAR Technician | RTC Instructor | SWAH | Work Positioning Instructor

• Steve is currently a full-time serving Crew Commander in a county fire & Rescue Service and has been for 20 years. He holds a second contract with the same fire service as a member of the National assets Urban Search & Rescue Team.

• His skill sets include: Immediate emergency care, Road Traffic Collisions Instructor, Level 1 & 2 rope Instructor, Level 3 Technical rope rescue operator, confined space operator, Hot cutter, HUET trained, advanced USAR Technician, Animal Rescue, Water Rescue & many more.

• Steve has finished in 1st place for the last two years as a USAR medic in the national platform of UKRO (United Kingdom Rescue Organisation) as well as being a team member of the current national USAR champions.