The Team

Push yourself

You don’t need to be the next Bear Grylls to join us, most of the team has joined from civilian life.

On the frontline

Operational Roles

Medical Team

Have a background in medicine or a passion for all things healthcare? Join the team as a medical specialist and you can be involved in anything from the odd plaster at an event to assisting in an operation in a field hospital in the middle of nowhere.


Happy with small spaces and being covered in dust? Can you make a timber frame with hand tools and against the clock? Get involved with the USAR team, searching for and evacuating casualties trapped in collapsed structures.

Marine Team

Were you a fish in a past life? Love getting in the water even when its snowing and you've got to break the ice at the edge of the river? The marine team does all things water. Whether its swift water swimming, practicing handling with the power boat or paddling the raft down a rapid.

Keep us on the go

Non - Operational Roles


We rely on the generous support of the public, but need those dedicated individuals to get the name out there and spread the word about all the good we are doing.


With everything going on, there is a ton of kit that needs to get around and be looked after. Additionally when we deploy it is a complex challenge of moving large volumes of kit and personnel, and could be to anywhere in the world.

Technical advisors

We always welcome those with vast experience in the medical or rescue industries to join our panel of technical advisers. These are typically full time senior members of Fire and Rescue or the medical profession.