Trustee (Chair); Recruitment Officer

Paramedic | Swiftwater Rescue Technician

 Lauren has a BscHons degree in Paramedic Science and has been working full time as a paramedic for over 5 years. She has spent that time based in Tottenham, north London where she has worked closely with a variety of medical professionals including HEMS and Advanced Paramedic Practitioners as well as regularly mentoring students of all abilities. She has previously spent time in London’s leading Major Trauma A&E department and worked alongside Critical Care Paramedics in SECAMB, whilst completing a research proposal into the use of vacuum splints for patients with spinal injuries.

• Lauren has undertaken an expedition to Tanzania acting as lead medic on a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro where she was in charge of the care of 10 team mates and over 50 porters. Previously a member of a Search and Rescue team for over 4 years Lauren became a qualified Swiftwater Rescue Tech and developed a keen interest in USAR and collapsed structures as well as technical search techniques such as DELSAR listening equipment and search cams..

Personal Interests: bouldering, astronomy, wildlife conservation and photography and remote/expedition medicine