Trustee (Vice Chair); Treasurer

Swiftwater Rescue Technician | USAR Operator

• James is an ex-Army Captain who has volunteered within the Search & Rescue community over the past 3 years since leaving the forces. During his time in the Army he served in the Middle East, Africa, Canada and Europe but now lives and works in London as a Project Manager.

• James is qualified as a Swift Water Rescue Technician and First Responder (FPOSi) but his passion lies within USAR operations for which he is a USAR operator. He is experienced with a range of USAR equipment such as the DELSAR seismic/acoustic live detector and search cams, and can also operate within the Collapsed Structures environment.

• James is SPEAR SAR’s Treasurer, ensuring that we maximise the benefits of the funding and grants that we receive in order that they can be put to good use on operations. 

Personal Interests: Crossfit, Ironman Triathlon, Mountaineering and travelling.