First aid

Cover your event and support a charity at the same time!

Use our team of Doctors, Paramedics and First aider’s to cover a variety of events. We can provide first aid stations, medical tents. Not only are you ensuring the safety and care of your visitors and staff but you will be providing support for an organisation made up of volunteers using your donation to help those in need at home and abroad.

Water Safety

Bank side

With our teams of trained members we can collectively cover large stretches of water side bank. Each equipped with throw and reach rescue aids, each trained first aider's and if needed able to conduct rescue swims.

Boat Teams

We can deploy 2 fully qualified swift water marine teams capable of providing coastal, river or lake cover using a variety of water craft. Often water access can provide a quicker response route for medical personnel than land based alternatives. Each boat team has a cox, spotter, medic and rescue swimmer and is equipped with spine boards and rope rescue equipment.


Running a water based event with hazards that require supervision. We can base a team in a variety of positions, ensuring if anybody ends up of course we can intercept before bad goes to worse.